NA Instant-Team League

大会の状態: 終了
開催日時: 2014/4/12 10:20
タイプ: インスタントチーム
Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty 4
大会サイズ: 60 ユーザーs

Hello, I am Jerki. Xfire > Shakaree101
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CoD4 NA Knockout tournament


Will soon be announced

When Will it start?
Dates will be announced when at least 30-60 people join

This is a tournament that will try and bring hope to the CoD4 NA Community, This is new to me but its a attempt to bring everyone together and play a good tournament! :D


Same as ESL, and CEVO
No glitching, (Seeing through walls in some parts of the map, elevator glitches, places where they can't see you but you can see them ex. Strike Mid street balconys
Silent drops are allowed and bounces, but no bounces that will place you on top of buildings ex. Backlot top mid jumping from there to ontop of MG house)
Disqualification if caught or found Cheating

Yes this is a Instant Team, but XFIRE ME the people who you want to be put up with and I'll take note of it, its just for whoever is a LFT guy or someone who wants to play in this tournament who dont have 5 people

USE MOD: Promodlive 2.11

MAP POOL (Both opposing teams must agree to a map, or vote out till theres only one left.)

Copy n Send it to your friends and others :D

Hello! Are you interested in a CoD4 Tournament? If so, please sign up at this tournament, you do not require a team just a friend or a couple! Max 5, But if you are interested in a Team Required tournament join the second link

Read the Desc for more details

This is the first, I hope after awhile we will still play and I will do some tweaks of the tournament to make it more "professional"