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My name is Simon. I currently compete in Australia's largest online tournament and have recently discovered this tournament. The tournament I currently compete in is called cybergamer. I own Australia's best CGo Black ops team called delta force and I am wishing to see the skill level in this tournament. I play on Australian servers but can possibly try servers with below 150 ping. I know 100s and 100s of strategies to use on ALL maps and can play smg or assault rifle. I can rush or camp and I can dominate in this game.

Feel free to test/ trial me. You won't be disapointed.

-Age: 16 (mature)
-Name: Simon
-Geographic location: Australia
-Guns: SMG or Assault rifle
-Time available to play: Nearly everyday
-Communication: Teamspeak 3 or Skype.
-I have a headset with a mic: (GameCom 777) 7.1 sound card
-Mechanical CMStorm cherry red keyboard.
-Razer Death Adder mouse.

CONTACT: http://steamcommunity.com/id/stormz12345
That is my steam.

I look forward in dominating this ladder.