About CyAC

CyAC is a video game tournaments platform that offers gamers a hub to compete in, create and enjoy e-Sport tournaments.


CyAC makes it easy to play in tournaments for fun, fame and prizes. These are some of the tools offered to ensure you have everything needed to compete.

  • Create user accounts
  • Team profile building and member management
  • Quick tournament registration
  • Informative tournament pages
  • Match management
  • Private messages
  • User, team and tournament Message Walls
  • Real-time notifications


Can't find the right tournament for you? Why not create your own!
CyAC allows any registered user to create tournaments completely free.

  • Select from Knockouts (single or double elimination), Round Robin, Ladders and Instant Team tournament types
  • Configure rules and settings to meet your needs
  • Advanced settings including signup deadline, required number of team members, required game account and more.
  • Let the players enter the match scores or take care of it yourself
  • Add more admins to share the load
  • Embed brackets on your blog or site

Start now or check out our help center for more.

Official Tournaments

CyAC also hosts its own Official Tournaments. Managed by CyAC admins, we aim to offer high quality tournaments to competitive gamers. Here a few of our most noteworthy official tournaments.

Asia e-Sports Cup

Asia e-Sports Cup brings together top teams and players from across Asia to compete to become the best. AEC 2012 was the first event held at Tokyo Game Show 2012.

  • Starcraft II prize purse: 390000 JPY
  • Counter-Strike 1.6 prize purse: 1250000 JPY
  • 50,000+ unique CyAC TV viewers
  • 350,000+ unique page views to asiaesportscup.com and cyac.jp during event
  • 10,000+ CS 1.6 HLTV viewers
  • 5,000+ CS 1.6 player demo downloads
  • 223,753 visitors to Tokyo Game Show!
  • 200,000+ views to amazing grand finals CS 1.6 frag! Video

ESWC Japan

Since 2011, CyAC has been the official license holder of the ESWC Japan qualifier. Through our devotion to driving e-Sports to its deserved popularity, we sponsored the best gamers in Japan to travel to compete with the best the world has to offer.

ESWC 2011 page
ESWC 2012 page


CyAC is not only for competitors. Through our official IPTV channel, CyAC TV, game fans can enjoy the latest and greatest in electronic sports from the comfort of their own home.

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